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My Experience at Cloudnine Maternity Hospital, Bangalore – Part 2

Cloudnine Hospital - Lobby
Cloudnine Hospital – Lobby

Cloudnine hospital, as its name suggests, always try to make you feel being at the cloud 9 by making your special moment more special through their service. Why I am saying so? Read through the second part of my experience at the hospital. Read the first part here if you have missed it.

Early booking has its own benefits

We booked our delivery package 5 months in advance which had its own benefits. We paid only ₹8000/- as a token money to book the room and the rest on the day of discharge. For the advance booking, we got a small booklet of 10/12 pages containing various vouchers which can be redeemed at the hospital any time before September. It contained 4 doctor consultation, paediatrician and nutritionist, one Lamaze class and some discount coupons for lab test. The Cloudnine parents who do their booking in advance, are also entitled to attend a pre-natal workshop with lunch in a 5-star hotel.


The pre-natal workshop was a very important and informative event hosted by the hospital. It was led by well experienced gynaecologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and admin people to help us understand the various stages of pregnancy and other hospital related processes.  In fact, we got to know about the stem cell preservation system and its functionality in detail after attending the workshop. The stem cell representative Ms Jyoti, was so well versed and calm while explaining the whole process and during question answer time. Besides all those serious and informative talks, I must say the well spread and yummy lunch at the five-star venue was a good treat for the preggies.

Have fun…stay happy

Team Cloudnine is very caring towards the physical and emotional well being of the mothers. They know very well that, cheering up the would-be parents in a healthy interactive and positive way works miraculously and boost up the confidence of the mamaP and papaP for the D day. So, here comes their final event – a not so grand yet a fun filled baby shower for all the soon to be parents through which the preggie couples could interact with each other and had some fun. But for me the most exciting part of the baby shower was the surprise lucky draw. The event became more exciting for me as I won the grand mega lucky draw prize and that was an upgradation of my luxury room (which I had booked earlier) into two rooms suit.

Cloudnine hospital - Reception
Cloudnine hospital – Reception

Countdown begins

As we were enjoying different events and services at Cloudnine, my LilPari was slowly gradually growing inside me with lots of kicks and moves. All these were making me more strong and confident for the approaching D-Day.

With each passing day, we were taking one step further to embrace our little bundle of joy, counting days and waiting earnestly to witness that magical moment of touching and holding my baby for the first time. On 18th September at night I could feel the first signal that my wait is over – yes, the time has come. I was having the feeling that my LilP was telling me Mumma am ready to come out soon…get ready to welcome me.

I was having labour pain; a kind of pain which I have never experienced…very peculiar type…starting from the lower back and slowly coming front. Though in the beginning the pain was not that acute, but slowly gradually it became unbearable. As per Dr Anindita’s suggestion I was trying to track my pain like how long the pain is staying…what is the time duration between two pains and most importantly was trying to keep myself calm by doing different breathing exercises shown by her.

D – Day

We rushed to the hospital and was immediately taken to the labour room. I could see the dedication of all the staff towards the well being of me and my baby. The labour room caregivers were very supportive. When I was in my labour they were trying to talk to me about different topic to distract me. But, I was not in a state of mind to communicate with them properly at that point of time. I could feel they were trying every possible way to encourage me to do the normal delivery.


Their induction room, labour room and operation theatre is well equipped with all the modern amenities. All the rooms are quite big, well lighted and air-conditioned. In fact, in my suit there were two ACs and two TVs. One in the main room and the other in the adjacent dinning room. The room also had a microwave oven, a fridge, two chair dining table, one big sofa set, a remote-controlled recliner bed, bed side table and one new born baby bed cum stroller. The bathroom was attached with the main room which was quite spacious with all the modern amenities fixed inside. The interior of the room was very simply done keeping the purpose of the room in mind.

I thought the walls could have been painted in bright colours and happy baby faces with some lovely quotes. The food used to come from their in-house canteen and the quality was quite good. During my 2 days stay at Cloudnine I was visited by gynaecologist nutritionist, physiotherapist and lactation expert. Paediatrician came twice to see my baby.

Let’s face it

I think everything has its own set of pros and cons. If you can embrace the pros you should accept its cons. It goes for Cloudnine also. The parking facility here is not very big and has only a limited number of parking slots. Many times, during our visits we had to park our car in the mall opposite to the hospital. I feel this is a botheration when you are having some emergency. I did complain the CR team regarding the same and was assured that the matter will be looked upon. However, I did not see any improvement.

The other one I would like to mention here is, despite booking appointments and reporting on time at the appointment desk, I always had to wait at least for one hour to meet the doctor. Reasons, the doctor had come late or she had to go on some emergency. So, it’s better not to keep any other commitments on the hospital visit day.

To wrap up, I must say, Cloudnine team took good care of  me and my baby. The medical team and the support staff is very helpful. They always tried their best to make my journey comfortable and smooth. Their positive body language and smiling face always made me feel relaxed, happy and confident. The world class facilities and services they provide to their clients, in true sense make Cloudnine one of the leading Maternity Hospitals of India.

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