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My Experience at Cloudnine Maternity Hospital, Bangalore – Part 1

Cloudnine Hosipital, Bangalore. Image courtesy Practo
Cloudnine Hosipital, Bangalore. Image courtesy Practo

One of the most cherished and happiest moments in a woman’s life undoubtedly is giving birth to her child and mine is no different. This priceless moment in my life was made even more precious by Cloudnine Maternity Hospital through their service.

My journey to motherhood began on a fine January morning when I thought to test my pregnancy at home using home pregnancy test kit as I missed my period that month. The test kit I used normally takes 5 minutes to show the result and that 5 minutes was the nail biting situation for me and my husband. We were on the seventh heaven as we saw those two pink line appearing magically on the strip – yes, I have conceived.

Once we settled down after the initial excitement, our immediate goal was to get an appointment with a good gynaecologist as well as a good hospital. Based on the recommendation from a friend and of course after doing a bit research on the net using dear old Google, we zeroed in on Cloudnine Maternity Hospital, one of India’s leading chain of maternity hospitals with all the world class facilities in Bangalore. Next our agenda was to get the appointment with a good gynaecologist. After going through all the details and review available online we booked appointment with Dr Modhulika Bhattacharya.

My first step to be on the Cloudnine

With some strange, mix feelings of fear and happiness I took my first step towards the hospital. I still remember the day – it was a sunny wintery morning. At around 10 o clock we reached there. As we entered the hospital premise, we were guided to a self-operated queueing system from where we had to collect a coupon and wait for our turn. After some time, our coupon number was called from the reception. We paid the consultation fee there and reported at the OPD section. The first thing they did was to check  my blood pressure and weight and created my file which they forwarded to the doctor’s chamber and asked us to wait. On my consultation, Dr Modhulika asked me about my family background related to hyper tension, diabetic etc. and recommended to undergo some pathological tests to confirm the pregnancy as well as the health of the pregnancy. She also had some general conversation with us to identify and alleviate any fear and doubts from our mind as we were soon to be parents for the first time.

Cloudnine family

The spick and span setting of the hospital, caring and helpful behaviour of the staff members towards their patients is impressive. All the doctors and gynaecologists are well qualified, experienced and very approachable. My consulting doctor, Dr Modhulika, MBBS & MD in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, trained in foetal medicine and laparoscopic surgery, is very polite, assuring and has a pleasant demeanour.

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya with me and my LilPari
Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya with me and my LilPari

She is almost always available at the hospital so getting her appointment is also quite easy without waiting for days. She is a patient listener and answered all our queries and concerns related to my pregnancy in detail. She was also very prompt in replying to the any queries asked over mail.

My first USG scan is a moment that I will cherished forever and it was made more special by my USG specialist doctor, Dr Sailaja Vallabhaneni. She explained all the scanning procedures in detail and gave an overview of each scanned images as me and my husband looked at those in the monitor. She patiently answered all our questions asked by me and my husband while looking at the images.

To cope with my pregnancy and prepare for the labour physically, Dr Modhulika referred me to Dr. Anindita Majumdar Bhattacharya for physiotherapy.. On my first visit, I found her extremely helpful and friendly.

Dr. Anindita Majumdar Bhattacharya with me and my LilPari
Dr. Anindita Majumdar Bhattacharya with me and my LilPari

She demonstrated some prenatal exercises to me and briefed me about the benefits of doing those exercises during pregnancy. During my Lamaze session with her, she explained the process of labour and different breathing techniques in such an effective and positive manner. That made me and my husband feel confident to go through the impending labour. She also showed some massage techniques to my husband which would comfort me during my labour. I highly recommend expecting couples to consult Dr. Bhattachraya to make their journey happier and healthier.

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